Glass Industry

Glass Industry

Heat-ups of Glass Furnaces :

Furnace Heat-up using specially designed HTPL High Velocity Gas/Oil fired burners, having capacity of 3500 Nm3/Hr. which enables a positive pressure in furnace and therefore a equal temperature distribution in to the furnace. The furnace is thus raised from ambient to 1000°C through these burners uniformly before it is charged up to with the furnace main burners. This burners are with high turndown ratio enabling temperature control to +/- 1 °C

In the reverse process a glass furnace can be cooled down to retain some of its refractory integrals of the existing furnace.

Controlled Cool-Down

Expansion & Contraction Control

Expansion or Contraction control plays a vital role to be executed during the Heat-up or Cool down of a Glass furnace. Correct measurements and subsequent adjustments are key factors. Every care is taken to ensure liner displacements are measured. However small it may be on each individual crown segments other than the measurements recording the upward or downward movement of the melter, Working end and Regenerator crowns. Appropriate control is done by HTPL's highly experienced manpower

Cullet Fill with Specially designed Cullet Charger

Un-uniform cullet filling in a furnace would adversely cool some part of the furnace, thereby increasing the melting ratio which can cause severe losses in production days after the furnace has been Heated-up with in given schedule.

HTPL provides you cullet fill with specially designed cullet charger through which glass level can be attained at a much less time in a smooth way to increase the productive days and avoiding other calamities that may be foreseen

Furnace Tap & Drain

Furnace Drilling

The furnace are required to drill for various reasons such as installations of boosters, electrode and for glass draining. HTPL highly skilled persons can undertake this kind of services.

Regenerator Cleaning ((Decongestion))

Hot/Cold Repair & Furnace Rebuild

After few years of the furnace operation few areas of furnace needs to be repaired like port, furnace crown , side blocks , regenerator checkers , burner blocks . HTPL has expertise to rectify those areas without effecting production

  •  Constructions and Erection of Steel in Furnace , Batch house
  •  Installation of Refractory
  •  Supply of Skilled masons
  •  Turn key Projects
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